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At RecoverLeaf, we secured top-notch starting hemp bred specially to have rich terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Our farmers use sustainable farming practices and organic farming methods to preserve both the quality of the hemp - and the plant. We never purchase cheap oversees hemp for our customers.


All of RecoverLeaf CBD's products are made using Ethanol extraction equipment. The method has become more common in recent years due to increased efficiency without drawbacks in purity/quality. Therefore, creating the purest extracts that are completely free of chlorophyll and waxes. We produce refined crude, full-spectrum distillate, broad-spectrum distillate, CBG and CBD isolate in our labs. Ethanol is our extraction method of choice.


RecoverLeaf adheres to the national Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) - to ensure that each batch is tested individually for potency, purity, and safety. RecoverLeaf products uses molecular (or short-path) distillation. Distillation improves the purity, color, safety, and value of CBD extracts and is essential to formulating high-quality products. It greatly improves the purity, color, safety, and value of finished products. Our products are always approved by a third-party laboratory.

Quality Is Our Main Priority

Discover The Benefits Of CBD

At RecoverLeaf, we emphasize quality control testing at every stage of the manufacturing process. We start when the hemp plants are still in the soil, and follow them as they travel to our extraction facility. We then blend our CBD oil with pure unadulterated MCT oil and send it to a third-party lab for inspection for the final approval. When you purchase CBD through RecoverLeaf, its important to understand that you're getting the good stuff.

All of our CBD Edibles are created in a Licensed Food Manufacturing facility, and makes all CBD products, including edibles, in its GMP-compliant lab.

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