Benefits of CBD Tinctures/ Oil

Benefits of CBD Tinctures/ Oil

CBD is an extract of the Cannabis plant that doesn’t make a person feel high as THC does. There are more than 100 compounds found in the cannabis Sativa plant. However, the two main cannabinoids of Cannabis plants are THC & CBD.

The nonpsychoactive effects of CBD make it an appealing product for those who want to alleviate the pain. CBD doesn’t alter the mind of a person. Several companies manufacture CBD oil and dilute it with hemp oil & coconut oil. In the human wellness world, it has gained momentum due to mitigating pain symptoms. You might be thinking how CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures are different from each other?

Though the terms are often used interchangeably, CBD oil and Tincture are two different products. CBD Tinctures generally contain 60 – 70% alcohol and are convenient to absorb. They offer broader effects than CBD oils. While CBD oil only consists of CBD and a carrier oil and best for those consumers who are alcohol-sensitive.


Here are some additional benefits of CBD Tinctures:

Pain Relief:

CBD Oil affects the human brain's receptors to mollifies the pain. If you are enduring chronic pain, you can intake CBD Tinctures. CBD works by impacting the endocannabinoid receptors in the human brain to reduce pain and inflammation. Also, it positively affects the endocannabinoid system ECS that controls sleep, appetite, and pain responses. A drug named Sativex has also been approved by UK & Cannada for relieving MS (Multiple-Sclerosis) pain.

Anti – Acne:

CBD can actively control the receptors of the immune system. According to the journal of clinical investigation, CBD-Oil can stop the activity of the sebaceous gland. [1] When the sebaceous gland starts producing more sebum, it results in acne. Approximately 9% of people face skin problems that can be reduced by the intake of CBD-oil. [2]

CBD oil is remarkable as it has anti-inflammatory qualities. Though it is the safest way to treat acne, more studies are needed to prove CBD's effectiveness.


Researchers found that CBD is very effective for neurodegenerative diseases. [3] It can work on those brain receptors that make neurodegenerative diseases worse. CB1 can alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, Multiple-Sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease. However, more research is required to understand the effects of CBD as a neuroprotective product.

Anti – Seizures:

CBD may be effective for treating epilepsy seizures. The American Epilepsy society is trying to prove the effectiveness of CBD for seizure disorders to determine whether it is safe to use or not. [4]. However, it doesn’t contain adverse effects which is the primary reason to switch to CBD.

Anxiety Relief:

CBD may be effective for brain receptors that control the serotonin level. Serotonin is a chemical that maintains mental health. Anxiety and depression are one of the most common problems worldwide and also causing multiple mental health disorders. However, CBD Tincture is a natural remedy for lowering the symptoms of both these disorders. Not only does it act as an anti-depressant, but also effective for insomnia.[5] Furthermore, it can alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.

Some other CBD Tinctures Benefits:

The major benefits of CBD depend on how you take CBD tinctures or CBD method of ingestion. CBD extracts make CBD oil the most effective. Some more CBD oil benefits include:

  • Antipsychotic effect [6]
  • Substance abuse treatment [7]
  • Anti-tumor effects [8]
  • Diabetes prevention [9]

Several pieces of research prove that CBD Tinctures and oils are effective for numerous health issues. If you want to incorporate CBD into your life, you can take CBD oils or Tinctures to improve the quality of your life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.




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